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The Daughter Test

A Small change can make a huge difference” No pun intended!

Patients often ask me what I would do if I was in their situation and I find myself applying “The Daughter Test”… What would I recommend for my daughter or family member.

The actual daughter test arrived about this time last year when my daughter Emily found her teeth to be beyond bearable! She had orthodontic treatment as a young teenager and had a set of perfectly aligned teeth but like so many she did not comply with the aftercare instructions! So over a period of time her teeth slowly relapsed to their original positions.

Emily was 21 and was concerned that when she smiles, especially in photos and “selfies” her teeth were irregular and close up photo looks are of huge importance to this age group (and more!).

Emily wanted her dad the Dentist to help her fix it!

There are a number of treatments that can quickly restore slightly misaligned teeth to their former glory. We provide them at Helens Bay Dental and its an area of special interest to my colleague Sarah Lochhead.

Sarah suggested that the relatively small correction could be done for Emily using Invisalign – a series of custom-made clear removable plastic aligners.

This was a perfect solution as the visits were scheduled to fit in with Emilys visits home from University in London.

Happy Daughter… Happy Dentist!