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Written Testimonials

My upper front bridge had broken while I was on holiday. I had a temporary repair done but it needed a more permanent solution. I decided that implants were the solution. I knew that Helens Bay Dental had the expertise in Implant treatment. I contacted them and had three implants inserted to carry 5 front teeth. It meant that I had a permanent solution to my problem.

The whole experience with Helens Bay Dental was carried out in a very efficient, pain free manner and with a high standard of quality care. I would strongly urge anyone who is considering having implants to consult Helen’s Bay Dental first as I’m sure they will be very satisfied with the whole process from diagnosis to completion.Since completion of my implant treatment I can now eat without any discomfort and of course I now have a nice bright smile!”

What a great experience I had throughout the whole of my treatment. From the day I walked through the door I felt really comfortable and at ease.

I would no problem recommending this great surgery to anyone. Special thanks to Sarah for handling me so well, if you know what I mean!

They really are a wonderful bunch of people. It really has given me a new lease of life. Thanks to all the staff

As always my experience of the practice, the dental care, the team, and patient experience is summed up as “totally exceptional”!

I can’t recommend the practice enough in terms of private caring dentistry.

Thank you!


  1. What problem/s had you faced before you came to us?
    • My teeth were badly discoloured.
    • My front two teeth were crowned and the root of one was cracked, therefore, the crown wouldn’t stay in.
    • My front teeth had become splayed.
    • I had a gap at the top right side where a tooth had been removed.
    • The problems with my teeth meant that I could only bite or chew at the left side.
    • I never liked showing my teeth when I spoke or smiled.
  2.  What treatment did you have carried out and why was it important to you?“Treatment included teeth whitening, implants and replacement of amalgam fillings.  It was important to me as wanted to improve the look of my teeth but I didn’t want either dentures or a bridge over existing teeth.”
  3. Your experience of working with us, for example the quality of care, service, quality of product and customer care.“I found all the staff to be professional, approachable, patient and pleasant.  I appreciated that Gareth identified a number of options for me to choose from and that he discussed these with me.  This allowed me to make an informed decision on how to proceed.  Indeed there was not pressure on me to proceed with any treatment.  Customer care was excellent and Gareth took great care to ensure that my new implants fitted correctly, matched my, newly whitened, existing teeth and that I was happy with them.  I have been very pleased with the result and was amazed at the difference in the before and after pictures.”
  4. What advice would you give to others considering our services?“I would be happy to recommend Helens Bay Dental to anyone considering your services and have already done so.  I would suggest booking an appointment to talk over the options available.”
  5. What have been the major benefits you have experienced since your treatment?“The problems I had been experience because of my teeth have been resolved and I am no longer ashamed to let people see my teeth.”


For many years, especially through my teens and twenties, I hated getting my picture taken and sadly I can see that person in my wedding photos, even though I had a great day!!

When I was in my early thirties I discovered teeth whitening with Helen’s Bay dental and that gave me more confidence. My whiter teeth made a huge change to how I felt about my smile, even though my teeth were still very uneven.

I was always unsure and worried about the time and cost of other teeth straightening methods, but when Gareth explained the new method of ‘6 Month Smile’, I felt it was the right method for me, physically and financially. I could still enjoy most foods and drinks, as long as I was careful – in fact the process has probably made me healthier as I cut back on tea/coffee etc!!

The expert team at Helen’s Bay Dental made the whole process effortless and straightforward.

Sometimes I forget I now have very straight, white teeth….until someone looks at me a little longer than usual and says “Wow! you’ve got great teeth”


Hi Sarah and colleagues,

This is a note to thank everyone at Helens Bay Dental Practice for the dental implants I received over the past year or so. Initially I was nervous and concerned at the projected costs, however as the procedures progressed I began to appreciate the care, skill and specialised equipment to do the surgery ensuring the minimum discomfort. The work justified the cost giving good value for money for an excellent result.

I trust you will continue the good work and I will gladly recommend your practice to others requiring this type of surgery.


Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for your patience and wonderful care since having Invisalign done in January 2014. I have really appreciated everything you have done for me in that time.


Thanks for all your care and impeccable attention to detail. You and all your staff are very caring and pleasant and made me feel very special. I’m thrilled with the results! From the “new me”!

Iris, Bangor

Helens Bay Dental Practice is a warm, friendly environment and the follow-up phone calls are a great means of allaying any anxieties or providing an opportunity to ask questions. I always felt that I could access expert advice if the need arose.

Now, I smile with confidence at everyone. I would recommend Helens Bay Dental Practice in the highest terms to anyone who is looking for a quality experience with expert professionals.


I had orthodontic braces when I was 13, however in the following years my teeth gradually drifted back. I didn’t like them they stuck out at the front. It affected the way I smiled and I didn’t like to show my teeth in photos, especially from the right side of my mouth. Sarah discussed all the options available at Helen Bay Dental and we chose INVISALIGN LITE. I am delighted with the result and I wish I had started sooner! It only took 4 months to get the result I wanted and I barely noticed the time go by!

My teeth look so much better. I am AMAZED!


I previously had my teeth straightened with orthodontic treatment, but unfortunately my teeth had moved and I had become very conscious of this. I opted for 6-month smile as I did not want my braces to be too obvious. Sarah explained that it might take longer than 6 months, but luckily for me it didn’t, and now 6 months later I have straight teeth and I couldn’t be happier.

Courtenay, Six Month Smile patient