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Whether you wear full or partial dentures or are simply missing a single tooth – dental implants could help you.

An implant plus an implant retained crown, from £2900.00

The Cosmetic Advantages of Implants

Facial appearance, health and the correct functioning of your mouth are important reasons for replacing missing teeth. The loss of back teeth may cause your mouth to sinkand face to look prematurely older. Speech may be affected since the front teeth help to form certain sounds.

These changes occur as a result of bone loss from the jaws, a process that continues throughout life.

A Permanent Replacement for Missing Teeth

Today’s dental technology has now made it possible to replace your teeth. This is done by the dentist inserting an dental implant, made from titanium, into the bone.

Dental Implants in Bangor Dental Implants in Bangor

Replacement for Missing Teeth Replacement for Missing Teeth

This technique has many advantages for you, the patient.

  • Your jaw bone and gum tissue are preserved minimising the effect that the loss of a tooth has on the appearance of your smile and facial profile.
  • The number of visits to your implant dentist required for the treatment is reduced.
  • The length of time you have to wait for your new implant tooth is reduced.

Before the new tooth can be attached to the dental implant it is necessary to leave it undisturbed for at least three months while the bone attaches to its surface. During this period a small temporary denture or bridge may be worn to fill the gap.

The placement of implants is a simple surgical procedure, normally six weeks from start to finish. The replacement of teeth with dental implants has a success rate of 99%. Our highly expert team of implant dentists will be able to guide you through what has become a routine procedure for our patients at our Northern Ireland dental practice.
Replace Missing Teeth with Implants Replace Missing Teeth with Implants

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