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  1. Who wants Digital Dentistry? I thought I knew!

    April 7, 2017

    The recent advances in Digital Dentistry have been developed by technicians, observed by many dentists and adopted by few. I embraced the technical revolution and have been offering digital imaging and Same Day Crowns for 12 years. Not because my patients were asking for it but because I was interested and the techniques were challenging and gave wonderful predictable outcomes ie crowns!

    Now in 2017 we are being sought out because we offer these techniques.

    Busy people want single visit results and not temporary solutions.
    ‘I can only get out of work once next week I cant make multiple appointments”

    Nervous patients who fear multiple injections and gagging with impression trays want to sit back and let the camera do the work.
    ‘ I would highly recommend the surgery for anyone that has gagging issues or feels uncomfortable with objects in their mouth”

    Existing patients expect the latest technology and a fast reliable guaranteed outcome…
    ” I have a wedding next week will you be able to fix my tooth by then?”

    The world of Dental development is driven by big companies and slowly adopted by Dentists in practice but now that patients are seeking us out based on our ability to provide the treatments we are confidently moving onto the next level!

    Watch this space for news!

  2. Short Term Orthodontics – Emily’s Story

    March 6, 2017

  3. Amazon Drones & Dentistry

    January 17, 2017

    Many of the Helens Bay patients will already know that my daughter Emily is currently studying Dental Therapy at Queen Mary University of London.

    Like many students of the practice we are able to continue to provide dental care at a distance however when Emily called me to say that her wisdom tooth was starting to give pain I was only able to offer advice.

    The advantage of training in a dental school was that she was able see a dentist and the recommendation was to have the tooth removed.

    This was going to be Emily’s first experience of dentistry apart from orthodontics.

    The wisdom tooth was difficult to remove but Emily was brave and was glad to see it gone now we just had to deal the aftermath!

    The pain was building as evening approached, Emily was finding it very challenging and the phone lines were red hot. It was at 9.30pm that it struck me that following multiple implant placement and difficult surgical procedures we normally provide a Tens device for patients to manage their discomfort.

    One slight problem…the Tens devices were in Helens Bay and Emily was in East London.

    A lightening bolt of inspiration struck…

    Are Tens devices on Amazon ?

    A quick search on my iPhone yielded good news! And for an extra £5 they could be delivered within the hour.

    Thoughts of a drone flying into Emily’s flat were conjured up.

    Device ordered at 9.40pm, in Emily’s hand at10.09pm and on her face at 10.10pm!

    Delivery time 29 minutes which was amazing and within 10 minutes Emily was feeling the benefit and got a good nights sleep.

    So a combination of technology and first class delivery service from Amazon gave us a happy outcome and a smooth recovery for our extra special patient. We like to think we go the extra mile for all our patients but this was a first in delivering the extra care to a different city.

  4. Don’t you do injections anymore?

    November 21, 2016

    blog2At Helens Bay we are often reminded by patients that a concern they have about proposed Dental treatment is a dislike of dental injections

    We have such a great new system that last week a patient asked had we stopped using injections!

    In 1997 Milestone Scientific launched a computerized anaesthetic device in the UK and I attended the event. I wanted to see what this could do for my patients to improve the quality of their dental experience. Prior to this not much had changed in 150 years!

    blog1This game-changing device used a microprocessor to slow the delivery of Dental anaesthetic and minimize discomfort. So I bought it and have used it ever since

    Last month at Helens Bay Dental we took delivery of the newest version of this device, which allows us to numb our patients in an even more comfortable way… hence the comment “ have you stopped using injections?”

    The best road testers of this device are the Helens Bay team and they wouldn’t dream of having a regular dental anaesthetic and needle.

    Patients are so surprised as the new system talks to the Dentist as the anaesthetic is delivered and everyone agrees it is a significant improvement

  5. You’re not alone – We can help!

    July 6, 2016

    At Helens Bay we have been placing and restoring dental implants since the year 2000.  Gareth, Lidia and Sarah work as a team with the help of the hygiene department and our very experienced dental nurses and treatment coordinator.  Between Lidia, Gareth and Sarah they have over 80 years of experience in delivering private dentistry.  Lidia has been placing implants for over 20 years and has placed over 6000 implants at Helens Bay.  We have placed and restored just under 2000 dental implants since the year 2000.

    Lidia and Gareth have travelled extensively to attend training courses both in surgical and restorative areas.  They have also both trained and mentored dentists in Ireland on placing implants from Biomet 3i and Nobel Biocare.

    We provide a 10 year guarantee on the implant and five years on the restoration. At Helens Bay we have a Cone Beam CT scanner to enable the planning of implants and also we can use Cerec technology in some cases to design and fabricate the crown.  In 2012 we attended the Malo clinic in Portugal and were trained in the All on 4 technique – this means a patient can have their unrestorable teeth removed, implants placed and a batch of replacement teeth constructed within 24 ours to allow the patient to have a new set of teeth fitted to bring back their smile.

  6. The Daughter Test

    June 1, 2016

    A Small change can make a huge difference” No pun intended!

    Patients often ask me what I would do if I was in their situation and I find myself applying “The Daughter Test”… What would I recommend for my daughter or family member.

    The actual daughter test arrived about this time last year when my daughter Emily found her teeth to be beyond bearable! She had orthodontic treatment as a young teenager and had a set of perfectly aligned teeth but like so many she did not comply with the aftercare instructions! So over a period of time her teeth slowly relapsed to their original positions.

    Emily was 21 and was concerned that when she smiles, especially in photos and “selfies” her teeth were irregular and close up photo looks are of huge importance to this age group (and more!).

    Emily wanted her dad the Dentist to help her fix it!

    There are a number of treatments that can quickly restore slightly misaligned teeth to their former glory. We provide them at Helens Bay Dental and its an area of special interest to my colleague Sarah Lochhead.

    Sarah suggested that the relatively small correction could be done for Emily using Invisalign – a series of custom-made clear removable plastic aligners.

    This was a perfect solution as the visits were scheduled to fit in with Emilys visits home from University in London.

    Happy Daughter… Happy Dentist!



  7. Cone beam CT Scans

    May 10, 2016

    Last month I took part in a course to update my skills in interpreting Cone beam CT scans. We have been using this amazing imaging equipment on site for several years. I travelled to London with my colleague Lidia Ferritto, long time Implant dentist at Helens Bay.

    Cone beam CT scans have revolutionized the way we approach planning for Dental Implants and are also beneficial in the diagnosis of other conditions. We took part in a two day course giving us the opportunity to get world class training to refine and develop our skills.

    The consultant leading the course Dr Jimmy Makdissi from the Maxillo Facial Radiology department at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry was not only an expert in his field but also very familiar with the beach at Helens Bay!

    His wife was originally from Bangor and he knows Helens Bay and the surrounding area very well. Having met the team from Helens Bay Dental he said he now has an additional reason to visit Helens Bay and call in to meet the rest of the team!

    As a result of meeting Jimmy we are able to utilize his training and skills in Helens Bay. The world becomes an ever-smaller place with technology as we can upload our scans on a secure link to Jimmy in the London Hospital. He can then interpret complex scans allowing local patients to avail of his great knowledge.

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