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Who wants Digital Dentistry? I thought I knew!

Gareth Cerec SnapshotThe recent advances in Digital Dentistry have been developed by technicians, observed by many dentists and adopted by few. I embraced the technical revolution and have been offering digital imaging and Same Day Crowns for 12 years. Not because my patients were asking for it but because I was interested and the techniques were challenging and gave wonderful predictable outcomes ie crowns!

Now in 2017 we are being sought out because we offer these techniques.

Busy people want single visit results and not temporary solutions.
‘I can only get out of work once next week I cant make multiple appointments”

Nervous patients who fear multiple injections and gagging with impression trays want to sit back and let the camera do the work.
‘ I would highly recommend the surgery for anyone that has gagging issues or feels uncomfortable with objects in their mouth”

Existing patients expect the latest technology and a fast reliable guaranteed outcome…
” I have a wedding next week will you be able to fix my tooth by then?”

The world of Dental development is driven by big companies and slowly adopted by Dentists in practice but now that patients are seeking us out based on our ability to provide the treatments we are confidently moving onto the next level!

Watch this space for news!