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Helens Bay Dental go to London… ITI Congress 2018 International Team for Implantology

London BlogOn Friday last, I met my colleague Lidia Ferritto from our Implant Team in London to attend the ITI Conference to refresh our knowledge on the latest developments in Implant Dentistry and beyond. When you each have almost 30 years of experience in Dentistry it is humbling to discover so much innovative research and to be able to sit in London and hear the World’s best minds present their work.

It is always refreshing to get a few days away from the “normal” and bring new ideas home. Lidia and I left the 2 day conference with much to think about. After the conference we met with my daughter who is studying Dental Therapy at Barts and the London. The conversation was dentally oriented and she was very enthusiastic to hear all the ‘news’ ! It emerged that one of the speakers was actually Professor & Chair of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry at her University, Professor Nicos Donos.

Interestingly, her first lecture back at University on Monday was presented by the same speaker – great to know that our young people are being educated by the best in the field!

We look forward to continuing to provide the very best Implant Care available and it is not a coincidence, we try really hard!