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Don’t you do injections anymore?

blog2At Helens Bay we are often reminded by patients that a concern they have about proposed Dental treatment is a dislike of dental injections

We have such a great new system that last week a patient asked had we stopped using injections!

In 1997 Milestone Scientific launched a computerized anaesthetic device in the UK and I attended the event. I wanted to see what this could do for my patients to improve the quality of their dental experience. Prior to this not much had changed in 150 years!

blog1This game-changing device used a microprocessor to slow the delivery of Dental anaesthetic and minimize discomfort. So I bought it and have used it ever since

Last month at Helens Bay Dental we took delivery of the newest version of this device, which allows us to numb our patients in an even more comfortable way… hence the comment “ have you stopped using injections?”

The best road testers of this device are the Helens Bay team and they wouldn’t dream of having a regular dental anaesthetic and needle.

Patients are so surprised as the new system talks to the Dentist as the anaesthetic is delivered and everyone agrees it is a significant improvement