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Amazon Drones and Dentistry

Amazon Drones and DentistryMany of the Helens Bay patients will already know that my daughter Emily is currently studying Dental Therapy at Queen Mary University of London.

Like many students of the practice we are able to continue to provide dental care at a distance however when Emily called me to say that her wisdom tooth was starting to give pain I was only able to offer advice.

The advantage of training in a dental school was that she was able see a dentist and the recommendation was to have the tooth removed.

This was going to be Emily’s first experience of dentistry apart from orthodontics.

The wisdom tooth was difficult to remove but Emily was brave and was glad to see it gone now we just had to deal the aftermath!

The pain was building as evening approached, Emily was finding it very challenging and the phone lines were red hot. It was at 9.30pm that it struck me that following multiple implant placement and difficult surgical procedures we normally provide a Tens device for patients to manage their discomfort.

One slight problem…the Tens devices were in Helens Bay and Emily was in East London.

A lightening bolt of inspiration struck…

Are Tens devices on Amazon ?

A quick search on my iPhone yielded good news! And for an extra £5 they could be delivered within the hour.

Thoughts of a drone flying into Emily’s flat were conjured up.

Device ordered at 9.40pm, in Emily’s hand at10.09pm and on her face at 10.10pm!

Delivery time 29 minutes which was amazing and within 10 minutes Emily was feeling the benefit and got a good nights sleep.

So a combination of technology and first class delivery service from Amazon gave us a happy outcome and a smooth recovery for our extra special patient. We like to think we go the extra mile for all our patients but this was a first in delivering the extra care to a different city.